Sicily, Italy

Elios Details

We are Nicola and Guido, two friends with a deep love for our homeland, Sicily. United by our passion, we decided to join forces and create a family agricultural project.

Elios was born in 2015, when we both reached a crossroads in our careers. Dissatisfied with our jobs and tired of working for other people's dreams, we discovered a shared passion for natural wines. Despite our different backgrounds, we were united by a deep appreciation for nature, Sicily, and a desire to rejuvenate our families' agricultural holdings, which had long been dominated by industrial groups buying our grapes and olives at minimal prices.

Starting out was anything but simple. We took a gamble on our lands and ventured into something unconventional for our area. In our province of Trapani, nearly everyone cultivates vines, but few dare to make wine. Nowadays, people prefer the security of selling grapes cheaply to large wineries, staying in their comfort zones while cyclically complaining about prices and the low-profit farming model. We chose to go against the grain, dreaming of revitalizing our land and unlocking the potential of our farms.


Wine: Exclusively from native Sicilian grapes, using a low-intervention winemaking process (eschewing chemicals and additives), allowing the grapes that our parents once sold to major wineries to truly express themselves and regain their lost dignity.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Meticulously overseeing the entire production process. Our parents always sold their oil locally and abroad, but at prices too low to justify careful attention to production stages. We aimed to change that.
Honey: A new venture for our families, driven by our love and respect for bees. We established a new hive station with native Sicilian bees, hoping to add honey to our offerings and further embrace the essence of the Mediterranean Diet.
Our vineyards are situated across various areas of Sicily, allowing us to capture diverse expressions from different grape varieties each year.

Alcamo: Spanning 3 hectares near the sea, we cultivate Grillo and Zibibbo.
Camporeale: Covering 4 hectares, this cooler area nurtures Grillo and Nero d'Avola.
Monreale: A 2-hectare vineyard growing Catarratto and Nerello Mascalese.
Mount Bonifato: This high-altitude site produces Catarratto for our sparkling wine and Katamacerato.
This variety of terrains enriches our wines with unique characteristics, reflecting the distinct terroirs of Sicily.

Today, we produce six wines: a classic method sparkling wine from Catarratto grapes, sourced from the Mountain of Alcamo at 650 meters above sea level (a vineyard we restored in 2020); a white wine from Grillo grapes, one of the most interesting and versatile varieties in our region; two macerated wines, reviving the ancient winemaking style of our grandparents; a red Glou Glou wine for a fresh, carefree drink; and a red wine from Nero d'Avola grapes, aged in chestnut barrels.