Solo Uva

Solo Uva

Lombardia, Italy

Hootananny and Solo Uva

Solo Uva was introduced to us by Giovanni Arcari of Arcari + Danesi.  It was a partner project named aptly after their cutting edge method of producing Franciacorta using only grape must instead of cane or beet sugar.  Andrea from Solo Uva is the third brother in the Arcari + Danesi partnership, and we are honored to be the Ambassadors for this group of tireless second fermentation troupers.  A slightly more accessible and less polished Franciacorta to Arcari + Danesi, there is a natural progression through the different bottlings of both estates.  I am never a fan of always comparing Italy to our northern French neighbor… but… if I must, yes, these are in my humble opinion the Champagnes of Italy and the kings of the bubble in northern Italy.

Solo Uva Details

The Franciacorta Brut by SoloUva is the testimonial of the philosophy of this winery, born in 2009 thanks to the vision of the owner, Andrea Rutelli. Andrea, right from the start, decided to participate in the Arcari + Danesi project, a production company in Franciacorta which provides a new method of sparkling wine making, in which the sugar added in the drafting and dosage phases is replaced with must and grape juice from reserve. An innovative method, to which the SoloUva winery has joined, whose name recalls the desire to find in every single grape all that is needed for winemaking. An ambitious project, which gives birth to a refreshing and savory Brut, full of meanings. A must-try bottle to trace the true identity of the Franciacorta DOCG.
This Franciacorta Brut is born from the pure use of a great international white grape variety, Chardonnay, grown by the team of the SoloUva winery in a parcel of one and a half hectares, planted in 1985 in Erbusco. The grapes, once carefully picked during the harvest phase, are immediately taken to the rooms used for winemaking. Here, the philosophy that characterizes SoloUva comes to life: the production process of the Classic Method is obviously followed to the letter, but the sugars needed, both for the first fermentation and for the subsequent second fermentation, come exclusively from the grapes themselves, and therefore no exogenous sugars are used. The wine remains on the lees for 18 months to mature, and once it is disgorged, dosed and bottled, it remains in glass for another 24 months before being put on the market.
The Franciacorta Brut made by the SoloUva winery is announced in the glass with a bright golden color, crossed by a fine-grained bubble, with good persistence. On the nose there are mainly fruity hints, in which more mineral notes and nuances of aromatic herbs insinuate themselves. In the mouth it is light-bodied, lively and slender, with a sip marked by a pleasant savory imprint. A label with which the SoloUva winery carries out its own particular production process, which does not include the use of exogenous sugars in any product in the range.